Horizontal Landscape, Vertical Ghost (part 2)


Skellefteå Konsthall 

15.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

Curated by Anna-Karin Larsson

Photo: Krister Hägglund  


Beyond Between


Colour glazed ceramic roof tiles from Ming Garden & 3D-milled polystyrene

85 x 450 x 55 cm

Closing Time


Produced and composed by Max Stenerudh

Stereo sound

13:52 (loop)

Horizontal Landscape, Vertical Ghost (Mirror)


Mirror & sandblasted engraving, installation

100 x 200 x 0,6 cm

Jade (map)


Resin casts, neon light

44 x 105 x 17 cm


Mother’s Tongue

by Lap-See Lam & Wingyee Wu


3D-animation, HD video and stereo sound

17 min 42 sec

Producers: Mossutställningar

Graphic Design: Thomas Bush

Music & Sound Design: Max Stenerudh

Voice Actors: Sofie Wu, Emmie Chau & Yuk-Lin Lam

Special thanks to everyone at Restaurant Ming Garden, Restaurant Mandarin City, Restaurant

Hong Kong and family Lam.

Horizontal Landscape, Vertical Ghost (Floor) 


Linoleum tiles from Restaurant Bamboo Garden inserted in linoleum carpet

Dimensions variable